Purse Size Junk Journal

I needed something in my purse to keep all of the paper that goes in there in order. I decided I could make something much easier than I could buy something that wasn’t exactly what I wanted, so I put my mind to it and came up with a junk journal that suits my every need.

It will work for grocery lists, Dr’s appointments, well, about everything. I can put my coupons in it, and my receipts. Jot down anything that I need to jot down and keep everything organized in one simple journal that I proudly made.

Take a look, it might inspire you to make one for your purse! https://youtu.be/b5jFhYLA9MM

Junk Journal Made From JUNK!

I made a junk journal from junk mail. I saved my junk mail and the envelopes from bills for one week, then I made a junk journal for those parts, glue and staples ONLY! It was fun, not nearly as challenging as I expected, but I had a really nice flower catalog show up in my mail that particular week, and it save me from having to do a lot of thinking. It just fell into place.

You can view it on my youtube channel at: https://youtu.be/YlGJeWXQb8E

Please go watch the video, it is my second one to make and is very short, about 3 minutes long. I was nervous when I made it so I flipped though the journal quickly. Thank you!

A New Journey

I’ve moved on from painting for a while, though it does come into play in my new-found adventure of creation. I’m playing with junk journals now. For those that do not know what one is, I’ll try to explain. It is a journal made from things you are recycling, or things you find in a thrift stores, which are actually being recycled by you. I have made three so far. The first two were way out of proportion and needed a lot fewer pages, but I may post some of their pictures here.  But the third one, a faith-based journal is my pride and joy for the time being. I did a lot of researching of the Bible to find the verses that I love to read and new ones to study so my faith junk journal would be nice and easy to manage when I get to study the verses of the Bible. Junk journals are usually made from the covers of old books, but my Faith junk journal is made with a 3 ring binder.

These first 2 picture are inside pages of my 2nd journal that did not have a theme. I liked the insides, but there were just too many pages and it made the journal impossible to lay flat.

2019-01-06 journal 1

2019-01-06 journal 2

This next picture is the front cover of my Faith Junk Journal.

cover faith junk journal

To see the inside of my Faith junk journal, you will need to click on the link that will take you to my you tube video. It is my first ever you tube video so it is not very good, but I think the flip through of my journal is nice. Thanks!



Abstract Flowers in Vase

I wanted to try something abstract but this didn’t turn out the way I had envisioned it. I can sometimes hit the mark, but not on this one. I may gesso over it and paint something else, but because it was painted, I am posting it. Everything gets posted as a reference for me to look back on in the future and see if I have improved.

abstract flowers in vase

A Christmas Hat

A friend of mine wanted me to paint something with a Christmas theme. I’m not into Christmas and decorations like a lot of people are. I believe in the reason for the season, but dislike the commercialization, but things do change as we age. We see things differently and want to just be at peace and have a good quiet Christmas with immediate family and go home and take a nap. Ok, so that’s my version. 🙂 I don’t do a lot of decorating, I’ve no need to, no one comes to see it and I’m not big on the extra work for no apparent reason. I guess you could say I’m a bit of a Scrooge. So look at this painting from whichever point of view you would like to. Do you see Santa under it, or do you see Scrooge under it. No need to try to guess who I see under it. I just gave it away! ~Peace!

Christmas Hat