Avon, My Other Passion

I love Avon, I always have and probably always will. I’ve sold it several times in my lifetime, and I’m selling it again. https://www.youravon.com/tbrown9108

Avon has changed so much, they offer things they have never offered before and that intrigued me to start selling again. They now have house cleaning products. I’ve tried a few and love them, they are very good products. The Multi-purpose Cleaner is super good. I had a very dirty microwave, one of those stand off situations as to who was going to clean it, with my husband, because he made the mess in it, but when I got the new cleaner I needed to try it out and it took the cooker on chili and cheese right out of the microwave and left it sparkling. I was very impressed.

Of course Avon has the old favorites. Perfumes, makeup and all the beautiful things they had before, but you really should see what they are offering now. CBD creams is another new item. The one I’m using is great! It has a slight geranium scent and it goes on so smoothly and stays put all day. It’s in a pump dispenser and I’m using it on my acne prone face without no breakouts. Yes, I’m 58 years old and still break out like a teenager.

I hope you will check out my store and place an order. You will get free shipping with a $60 order or more. I need more followers in my facebook group too. https://www.facebook.com/groups/2637916026500591 so come and join us to catch all of the latest deals and be a part of the group where I give away prizes and we play simple games and get to know each other, it’s very laid back and I need some social people to help me lure out the ones that are shy.

Thanks for everything! ~ Tina

Beauty Exclusives
Beauty Exclusives!

I opened an Etsy Shop

I took the plunge and opened an Etsy shop. Right now it only has downloadable forms. Mostly for medical information that one needs to carry with them at all times, or needs to take to the doctor each visit.

I love making forms, I used to do it when I was a typesetter at the local print shop here in town, but when I got sick, they would not allow me to work part time, so I had to quit, which ended up for the best because my interstitial cystitis got so bad that sitting up in a desk chair was near impossible for a very long time. I can now do it, but not for long intervals.

I’m asking everyone to please take a peak at my shop and see if there is anything you can use, but most importantly if there is anything else I can add to make it more enticing. Is there a form that YOU would like me to make? One that would help you when you go to the doctor’s office? Or one that would help you in any other way? I can make all sorts of forms. I love doing it and want to start this business off right and pleasing people is the first thing to a successful business.

Thanks for looking and offering advice! https://www.etsy.com/shop/TypeSettingStudio

~ Tina

Hay Field

I’m finding it is taking me longer and longer to finish a painting. I’m just not satisfied with them the first time I think they are done. I sleep on it and then decide that I need to do more work and soon I have a finished product that looked nothing like the first one I thought was finished and I’m much happier. So here is my version of a hay field. Thanks for looking!

Yellow Iris

This one took me much longer than I anticipated. I could not get it just the way I wanted it until posting it on Facebook to some of my art groups and getting some feedback. The feedback was fabulous and really helped me finish this one off, I’m very pleased with it now and happy I can move on to something new. Thanks for looking!

Abstract Rooster

I don’t really like this painting, but I promised myself to share all paintings on my blog just because I need feedback on them as to what I should have done differently. I was looking at a picture on Pinterest, of course, but mine took on a totally different color scheme and doesn’t look like the one I was trying to make it look like at all. Too bad too because the one I was trying to make it look like looked really good. ha! Thanks for looking!

Magnolia Blooms

I found a lovely picture on Pinterest to look at for this painting. I love looking through Pinterest there are so many options and I have a hard time settling on one. I’m currently looking for my next picture to look at to paint.

I really like the Magnolia Blooms, I think they are pretty and have depth in the way their leaves curve at the edges. I can’t always capture that in my paintings but I do try.

Thanks for looking!