Arrowhead Spear

I thought this would be easy, I was wrong. And the picture wasn’t good because of a glare that I couldn’t get rid of no matter how many times I took the picture or what angle. Critiques are welcomed!



War Horse

This picture was very difficult for me, I could not get the browns correct. I wanted a golden brown, but it turned out to be muddy looking. I continued though and finished the painting because I felt I was wasting too much paint trying to achieve the correct colors. All in all, I think it looks decent.

war horse

Pink Rose

I’m trying to take on harder pictures, ones that require mixing colors, even if the picture itself seems simple, but mixing of the colors can be difficult.

pink rose



I thought this was pretty when I saw a likeness of it on Pinterest so I put my own flare to it and made it my own. I hope you like it as well.

abstract Angel


Flowers with Brown Background

I thought this was a pretty picture. I found it on Pinterest and thought I might give it a try. I like the results.

flowers w brown background


Abstract Flower

I haven’t posted in a while, I’ve been sick with a bad cold. It is hard to paint while coughing and such. I should not have tried to, but I managed to get this one done in a weeks time, which is way longer than it usually takes me to paint a picture.  I do not think it is up to my usual standards, but it gets posted because I told myself that I would always post everything, no matter how bad I thought it was, so I would have a record of everything to look back on if I gesso over something.

abstract flower


3 Blue Flowers

Well, you get the ugly along with the pretty and this one is ugly. I like the background, and I learned two new techniques while doing this painting, but it failed overall in my book.

three blue flowers


Water Lily

I have been trying to learn a new technique for a background, but until I figured it out, I started a new painting and this is the one I ended up with. I found an image on Pinterest that was similar and used it for inspiration. I am now working on the one with the odd background and I will post it next.

water lily



I enjoyed painting this, I had to correct a few things several times, as I wanted to do it justice.



Abstract Horses Head

I wanted to paint something freeing again and I saw a picture similar to this on Pinterest, so I tried it out.

horse abstract